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DDA, DDC, DDE :Digital dosing pumps


Product Details

Intelligent dosing pumps are the ideal solution for any complex dosing in less aggressive environments. By offering a high level of accuracy, digital dosing pumps reduce not only chemical waste but also the energy bill.

Technical Data

Max flow: 940 l/h
Head max: 16 bar
Liquid temp: -10°C to 50 °C
p max: 16 bar

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To know more


  • Chemical treatment and conditioning of water
  • Disinfection and pH adjustment
  • Drinking water, process water and wastewater
  • Food and beverage, Clean-In-Place
  • Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis
  • Pulp and paper, boiler feed water
  • Swimming pool water, cooling towers
  • Coagulation, flocculation, precipitation
  • Chemical industry, car wash, irrigation

Features and benefits

  • High Turn Down Ratio 1:3000* with Stepper motor control Technology
  • Accurate dosing using stroke speed control
  • Built-in-flow meter
  • Auto flow adapt for various proccess condition
  • Degassing Features
  • Wide dosing range

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