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DTS : Dosing Tank Station


Product Details

Intelligent dosing pumps are the ideal solution for any complex dosing in less aggressive environments. By offering a high level of accuracy, digital dosing pumps reduce not only chemical waste but also the energy bill.

Technical Data

Liquid temp: 0°C to 80 °C
p max: 200 bar

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To know more


  • The compact dosing skid system is used when the chemicals are to be stored and dosed into the process line.
  • Dosing of biocides and inhibitors into cooling water
  • Dosing of lyes and acids for pH regulation
  • Dosing of coagulants, (such as ferric (II/III) chloride), for waste water treatment
  • Dosing of hypochlorite
  • Dosing of cleaning agents and disinfectants (CIP, cleaning machines)

Features and benefits

  • Grundfos offers a comprehensive range of accessories covering every requirement when dosing with Grundfos pumps.
  • Chemically resistant tank – Different configurations possible to suit various dosing tasks.
  • Optional PE collecting tray, drain valve
  • Optional handheld mixer or electric stirrer with level switch for dry-running protection
  • Mutifunction valve

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