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HYDRO MPC S/F/EF: Turnkey booster system with CR/CRI/CRN for transfer and pressure boosting of water

Inline multi-stage pumps are used in installations where a high head is needed. Several impeller stages are connected in series, and the inlet and outlet are on the same level. Inline multi-stage pumps are used for water supply, water treatment and almost any industrial solution, including those for aggressive liquids.

Technical Data

Max flow: 1088 m³/h
Head max: 155 m
p max: 16 bar

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To know more


  • Water supply systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Industrial plants
  • Commercial buildings

Features and benefits

  • 2-6 pumps in cascade
  • Easy installation and startup
  • Large user-friendly display
  • Energy-optimised control
  • Data communication
  • Perfect constant pressure
  • Application-optimised software

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