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Tri Lobe Air Blower


Product Details

EVEREST, leading manufacturer of Roots Blowers in India, introduces the all new Tri-Lobe Roots Blowers. Tri-lobe technology means blowers have lobe tips exposed to 120 degrees around the rotor instead of 180 degrees as in a bi-lobe blower. This provides a stiffer rotor set, meaning less deflection at any load. These blowers have been designed keeping the specific demands of the industry of continuous duty operation, sturdy design, reduced noise, reduced pulsations and vibrations, longer bearing life and minimal maintenance in mind. Everest Blowers are produced on the latest state-of-art CNC machines from Haas (USA) and HMT (India), thereby ensuring a quality product. These blowers are designed for continuous duty service. Complete package units are shipped with all essential accessories and electric motor, ready to install, on plug and play concept. An Everest Tri-Lobe blower is supplied with built-in safety & monitoring equipment such as safety relief valve and pressure gauge.

Features and benefits

  • Anti-friction bearings
  • Tri Lobe Rotor design, suitable for both Pressure Duty and Vacuum Duty
  • 100% oil free air delivery
  • Fail safe labyrinth sealing
  • Extended shaft design for cool running
  • Rigid one piece CI casing & end plates
  • Standard Orientation: Right Angle Flow
  • Large inlet & outlet connections for minimal loss
  • Alloy steel toughened shafts ground to close tolerances
  • Factory engineered, Factory guaranteed, superior product
  • Alloy steel hardened and ground timing gears, oil splash lubricated
  • Improved volumetric efficiency and reduced operating temperatures
  • Dynamically balanced rotor shaft assembly (Grade 6.3 ISO 1940-1986)
  • Performance testing as per standard test procedure STP-01 based on BS 1571-2:1975 and ISO 1217:2009
  • Tri-Lobe blower construction having low pulsations and low noise

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